What Our Clients Say About Us

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I appreciate your careful and thorough work on my trust and other documents, along with the clear instructions you provided.  Not only that, you and your staff were very pleasant to work with, making this a less stressful endeavor.

Connie S. Arlington, VA

From the first contact, our experiences with Barbara were positive and productive. Her call was the first news that a loved one had passed and she was warm, sympathetic and professional. She guided us in a thoughtful manner, made suggestions as to how the assets should be liquidated, and always promptly answered phone and email questions. Barbara handled everything in an efficient, clear and expeditious way, and was a consummate fiduciary.

purchase Clomiphene uk Marc C. Los Angeles, CA

When my elderly aunt was in assisted living we needed someone local who could help manage her legal affairs, revise wills and trusts, supervise medical visits, and find tax experts in some unusual fields.

Ms. Anderson handled it all and became the single person I could rely on to solve all my aunt’s problems.  Indeed, she became a good friend to my aunt, and gave me great peace of mind.  When my aunt passed away, Ms. Anderson expertly handled the estate, and found people to sort, pack and ship my aunt’s possessions.

Ms. Anderson was always a cell phone call away, and very responsive.

Erik G. San Francisco, CA

At the conclusion of a year-long series of life adventures, we want to take a moment to thank you for the superb guidance and counsel you have provided as we worked through moving our parents into assisted living.  You may remember when we first met we were quite lost and very much in need of the expertise that you have in planning for life transitions.  As we have remarked, life does not come with an instruction manual!

You not only supported all of us in determining and executing the necessary legal actions/documents that allowed us to assist our parents, but you also provided unique insights into some of the challenges we faced.  You also connected us with wonderful professional colleagues who were able to support us in other aspects of this transition from emptying the house with 60 years of accumulated belongings, to a major renovation that greatly enhanced the value of our parents' property, to finding a care manager who serves as our eyes and ears while we live so far away.

George and Barbara S. Houston, TX

As out-of-state caregivers more than a thousand miles away, it has given us great confidence to have Barbara as our local representative. Her ability to form a lasting and caring relationship with our aunt has been incredibly important for her mental and emotional well-being. Barbara provided prompt and detailed updates so we understood all aspects of our aunt’s care.

James M. St. Louis, MO